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Vision and Mission Statements

Mission Statement:

SEAGO stimulates economic and social progress in our four-county region.

Vision Statement:

SEAGO, as a highly motivated, energetic team, commits to being a respected, credible source of leadership, information, funding, technical expertise and services.

FY18-22 Strategic Plan Update

SEAGO’s first biennial Strategic Planning Retreat was held February 9th and 10th for the purposes of reviewing progress made in implementing the SEAGO Five-Year Strategic Plan FY 2016 – 2020 and updating the Plan as needed. Data gathered at the retreat was organized in a retreat report, which was prepared by our facilitator Amy St. Peter, Assistant Director with the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG). The information in the retreat report was used to develop the updated Plan.  The Plan was considered ultimately adopted at the May 2017 meetings of the Administrative Council and Executive Board.

We are always interested in hearing comments and suggestions on our Strategic Plan.  Anyone wishing to comment on the P Plan may do so by using the Comment Form below, and those comments may be considered at the next biennial Strategic Planning Retreat.

Organizational Documents

Executive Orders

Over the years, there have been a number of Executive Orders relating to Councils of Governments (COGs). The first of them, EO 70-2 established COGs in the State of Arizona.

Since the time COGs were established, there have been several Executive Orders outlining the role COGs play in developing population estimates in Arizona. The most recent of these is EO 2011-04.

Designation Letters

Over the years, there have been a number of letters issued by Governors designating COGs with various responsibilities. The first of these designated SEAGO as one of Arizona's Designated Planning Agencies under Section 208 of the Clean Water Act. To learn more about our Section 208 program services, click below.