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Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Planning

Purpose of Program

To plan for the use of Local Social Services Block Grant funds for District VI. Planning involves focusing on the needs and problems of four "target" groups. These four target groups consist of: Adults, Families and Children; Elderly; Persons with Disabilities; and the Developmentally Disabled. Local programs are identified for each target group and included as part of the plan charts.

Primary Services

SEAGO coordinates with the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) to develop a yearly Social Services Block Grant for Title XX based on community input. The planning process involves SEAGO's member entities as well as local service providers in each of the four counties. Once the plan is developed DES issues RFPs for those services and contracts directly with the provider who is awarded the contract.

Social Services Block Grant Advisory Council Meeting

Community input on the SSBG Plan is done through meetings of the Social Services Block Grant Advisory Council. The SSBG Advisory Council meets as needed and last met on November 26, 2013 to discuss and recommend funding levels for State Fiscal Year 2014-2015. The meeting was held at the Arizona Department of Economic Security Sierra Vista office located at 2981 East Tacoma in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The public was welcomed and encouraged to attend.  

To view or download a copy of the meeting agenda click here . To download a copy of the minutes of the meeting, click here.  

SFY 2015 Funding and Service Intents for the SEAGO AAA

The SSBG Advisory Council meeting produced a tentative funding and services plan which is contingent on state and federal appropriations for State Fiscal Year 2015. The SEAGO Administrative Committee recommended approval of this plan and the Executive Committee approved the plan on December 5, 2013. To download a copy of the intended funding and services for the SEAGO AAA, click here . For more information please contact Laura Villa, SEAGO AAA Program Manager at 520.432.2528.